In response to the popularity of our 60 Seconds numbers betting game, Coral Eurobet has designed and launched 5 new games and an updated version of 60 Seconds. The game range includes:

  • 60 Seconds V2 – The original lottery style game updated with many new features including 2 great new games. A draw takes place every minute.
  • Spingo – A unique combination of Roulette, Cards and Dice all combined on a wheel of fortune. A draw takes place every minute.
  • Dice Roll – Coral Eurobet’s own version of the famous casino game. 2 dice are rolled providing a variety of betting opportunities. Players activate their own roll.
  • Keno – Coral Eurobet’s version of the famous numbers game where the aim of the game is to match as many numbers as possible. Players activate their own draw.
  • Bingo Fever – A fast-paced Bingo style game. Players must match all the numbers on their card as quickly as possible to win big. Players activate their own draw.
  • Frutti Jackpot – Our first progressive jackpot game, offering the chance of a large jackpot payout coupled with a fast and fun games experience. Players activate their own spin.


All 6 games are no-download, flash games. We use a random number generator to create the draws for each of the games so customers can play safe in the knowledge that their selections can’t affect the numbers drawn.